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What?s a static site?

The first generation of website designs, static sites require a knowledge of programming software and hardware for their creation and continual maintenance, usually by a design firm or other professional with HTML, Javascript and other Web technology expertise. Simply put, you need a professional to not only create your site, but also to keep it up to date. Static sites work well for companies who need a few basic Web pages of simple content, whose site rarely or never requires updates, and whose business requires no e-commerce.

Static website is collection of documents written in the HTML language. When a user looks at a website with a browser (e.g. Netscape), the browser is able to follow the instructions presented to it in HTML to make a website look a certain way.

An Average Website

An Average Website

This is an average website.

The above HTML code for "the average website" is static. That is, if the user were to reload a static website, they would see the exact same content every time. Its content was written directly by an author, and when the user goes to the site, that code is downloaded into a browser and interpreted.

To read more about the difference between Static and Dynamic websites - click here.
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