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We develop multi-functional Web interfaces to manage e-commerce sites. These interfaces (site managers) allow the store service personnel to manage the site in various ways as well as to obtain the necessary statistical information about the store operation and different business data. The Site Manager provides for remote control through a secure Web access and does not require store employees to have specialized computer knowledge to be able to effectively run the e-commerce site. Its functionality drastically improves the store performance and results in faster and more efficient customer service and in an increased sales volume.

E-business Site Manager major functions:

- Management of the product catalogue
- Pricing management (changing the store pricing policy with one click)
- Order processing including the current status of placed orders
- Management of shopper data
- Returned merchandise management
- Tracing of the shipped merchandise by UPS and FedEx
- Advertisement management
- Customer reviews management
- Statistical information (orders by employee, product, shopper, credit cards, shipping, origin) for a given time interval These functions include automatic generation of e-mail notifications for e-business participants. These tasks are executed by SQL Server 7.0 with high performance optimized SQL queries and stored procedures.

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