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We develope fully-functional Websites to present our clients' business in a very attractive and modern way. To reach this our main goal we use Macromedia Flash Multimedia Technology.

Flash Website can be constructed using Macromedia Flash only, or it can consist of static (dynamic) codes integrated with Flash.

Couple words about Flash Technology:
Macromedia Flash content can be viewed on nearly all computers. The Flash technology, in a general sense, may be one of the most widely available technologies used on the Web. For developers, the ability to program one multimedia presentation that can be viewed the same on nearly all computers makes the technology very appealing. For individuals with disabilities, Flash can introduce unique accessibility problems.

Throughout this page, there will be examples that you can view. All links to examples open in a new browser window. Many of these Flash examples are not be fully accessible for demonstration purposes. In order to view the examples, you must have the Macromedia Flash Player installed. If you have the Flash MX or MX2004 authoring program, you can download the .fla files used to create all examples by selecting the image next to each example.

What flash can do:
  • Multiple ways of presentation?Flash can provide content in multiple ways. View an example of multiple presentation methods ().

  • Scalability?Because Flash is based on vector objects (mathematically defined lines and shapes) rather than raster (pixels of differing colors) technology, most Flash content can be easily scaled to any size without distortion. Individuals with low vision may be able to interact with Flash content in ways not possible with HTML content. View a scaleable example ().

  • Keyboard accessibility?Flash allows a higher level of keyboard interaction than is allowed in HTML. Many Flash movies can be made more functional, powerful, and easy to use by allowing keyboard access. View a keyboard example ().

  • Engaging?Flash can engage learners through interactivity, animation, sound, graphics, and many other ways. Individuals with learning or cognitive disabilities can better comprehend and focus on some Flash content. Flash multimedia can be used to supplement static HTML content.

  • Self-voicing?Because of the audio capabilities of Flash, it can present content through audio, thus removing the need for a screen reader to extract audio content from the Flash movie.

  • Many-many other features!
So you see now, that Macromedia Flash technology is intended for attractive graphical web development needs. And we use Flash technology for dynamic, interactive entertaining and promotional web sites. Flash web site includes a lot of sounds, graphic/art animations, video-clips, etc.

Go ahead and order Multimedia Flash Website now!

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