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Without a doubt, Flash is the technology of the internet's interactive future. You will quickly notice the Flash presence as you surf the web. Many leading-edge companies, such as Comedy Central, Sony, Nike, Ford and Disney rely on Flash and Flash Player to deliver the best possible interactive Web content on their sites.

For small business and individuals alike, our experience allows us to quickly develop your own personal flash web site or presentation.

An Overview of Flash Technology
Flash is the solution for producing and delivering high-impact Web sites. Pulsing musical tracks, sound effects, gorgeous animations, and innovative interfaces all converge in Flash.?Flash puts the life in Web sites and other Web-enabled devices (such as WebTV). Flash uses vector graphics technology. Unlike bitmapped images that are optimized for a single resolution, vector images can adapt to multiple display sizes and resolutions. This is ideal for displaying Web sites uniformly on set-top boxes, hand-held computers, or PCs. Unlike bitmapped images such as GIFs and JPEGs used on the Web today, vector images?graphics, charts, maps, and animations?fit into compact, efficient files that speed over the Web.

Why Use Flash?
Flash sites are more attractive than those using traditional Web technologies. All graphics created in Flash appear smooth on screen (anti-aliased) so that users see what the Web designer intended. Beyond their good looks, Flash sites are also about speed. The vector-based sites play as they download, and Flash technology delivers Web sites efficiently, even over slow modem connections. Flash sites playback full-screen, on all monitor sizes, and consistently across multiple platforms users have a consistently dazzlingly experience.

Flash is Everywhere.
Flash technology is already built-in. Over 516 million online users have Macromedia Flash Player installed and can immediately view Macromedia Flash content. Flash sites are consistently viewable across Macintosh, Windows, Solaris, Linux, and additional Web-appliance platforms. The Flash Player is the most widely distributed high-impact Web site viewer today. Popular Web hardware and software products from Microsoft, Netscape, America Online, Apple, WebTV, Prodigy, Earthlink, Network Computer, Gateway, Compaq, Disney, and many others already have Flash technology built into their products.

Our Vision:
All over the world, people are connecting together in ways we?ve never dreamed of... And new ways are being invented every day. Technology is being invented at a pace faster than any other in human history, and much of it is on the Internet. Every day, more and more people are getting online and using this fantastic tool for entertainment, shopping, education, communication, and so much more. Imagine, a world wide network of computers , linked to powerful databases storing whatever knowledge WE decide to put in it. It seems like a natural progression.

First there was radio, then came television, and now, the Internet.

If you have ever surfed the web, you? re probably accustomed to what we like to call the ?general? apearance of cyberspace. It looks like a bunch of brochures on your computer screen. Informative, yes, but not very exciting. We?ve spent a lot of time online, wondering, ?Where?s the flair? Where?s the full potential? Where?s the GOOD stuff??.

Wouldn?t it be great if web sites were FULLY INTERACTIVE, IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCES, that kept web surfers entertained and excited? How about web pages with SOUND and MOTION? How about all of that with a QUICK DOWNLOAD TIME? What if sufing the Web was like watching interactive T.V.? Wouldn?t that be great?

We agree. And what we discovered is that the World Wide Web CAN be that way. We?ve devoted our time to helping the Internet live up to it?s full potential, and we want to help you realize the dream of what YOU expect and want the Internet to be by creating the kind of web sites that live up to and beyond your expectations.

As the idea of having your own web site starts to seem more logical, profitable, and almost necccesary, you want to make sure that you can have an Internet Presence that is functional, attractive, immersive, and upgradeable. Take advantage of the latest cutting edge technology!

We have professional, experienced, and creative web designers devoted to quality, functionality, and interactivity. Our mission is to provide you with the best web sites.

To Your Online Success,

The V-INTEG Team

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