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Quasar Light Therapy - beauty and health     language: english
Quasar Light Therapy - beauty and health
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Because Quasar Light Therapy engineers, manufactures, sells, and services all our own Photo Rejuvenation Devices, this fosters a top notch customer service solution for you. Start with a full five year unconditional, unlimited warranty. If your Baby Quasar or Baby Blue stops working for any reason, other than physical abuse, we will fix or replace it free of charge. If we cannot fix your Baby on the day we receive it back, we will replace it. We will not hold you up. We make our devices from solid billets of machined aluminum in order to be durable and long lasting The electronic components are from the top drawer with 10 year life expectancy. We recognize, of course, that components can occasionally fail due to manufacturing differences and that is why we offer our customers the five year warranty. If you ever have a question about the operation, methods, or general use of our products, you have a direct toll free number. (800) 944-1523 or outside the U.S. call (941) 306-5812 When you need service or repair on one of our devices, simply call (800) 944-1523 or outside the U.S. (941) 306-5812

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