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Virtual Integration
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VConsole, LLC is a fully-functional e-shop.
It specializes in selling Networking Training Hardvare/Software.

2 Port BRI-S/T ISDN Simulator, 2 Port BRI-S/T-U ISDN Simulator, 4 Port BRI-S/T-U ISDN Simulator, 8 Port BRI-S/T ISDN Simulator, 8 Port BRI-U ISDN Simulator, 2 Port T1/E1/PRI ISDN Simulator, 2 Port Analog Phone Line Simulator (FXS), 2 Port T1/E1/PRI + 8 port BRI-U ISDN Simulator, 2 Port T1/E1/PRI + 8 port BRI-S/T ISDN Simulator, 2 Port T1/E1/PRI + 8 Port FXS PSTN Simulator

  VConsole, LLC
E-Shop includes
these features:

Administration / Backend Functionality
▪ Supports unlimited products with products' descriptions and images
▪ Add/Edit/Remove products, customers
▪ Support for physical (shippable) and virtual (downloadable) products
▪ Administration area secured with a username and password (MS3)
▪ Contact customers directly via email or newsletters
▪ Easily backup and restore the database
▪ Print invoices and packaging lists from the order screen
▪ Statistics for products and customers

Customer / Frontend Functionality
▪ All orders stored in the database for fast and efficient retrieval
▪ Forseen checkout procedure
▪ Secure transactions with SSL

Product Functionality
▪ Dynamic product attributes relationship
▪ HTML based product descriptions
▪ Payment Functionality
▪ Accept several online payment processing (PayPal,

Shipping Functionality
▪ Weight, price, and destination based shipping module
▪ Real-time quotes available (FedEx)
▪ Free shipping based on amount and destination

Tax Functionality
▪ Flexible tax implementation on a state and country basis

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